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Banking app






This was a fictional design brief that requested the design of a mobile banking application. The minimum features of which should include: Authentication, Manage your checking account, View balance, Transaction history, Transfer between accounts, Mobile check deposit. To flex my UX muscles I chose to approach the design in multiple stages: User Research, Competitive Review, User Flow, Brainstorming, Wireframes, and High Fidelity design. Without actual data a lot of assumptions were made and reducing subjectivity was the biggest challenge.

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I aimed to gain some insight into the needs and pain points of people trying to manage finances under the current mobile banking landscape. So, I conducted user interviews armed with a series of carefully selected questions.

I completed a competitive analysis of major mobile banking apps.

I created multiple iterations of user flows.

I sketched some very rough wireframes on 3x5 index cards.

Users are introduced to a clean and user-friendly design of various authentication methods.

Every piece of vital information is shown: account balances, cash, debt, safe-to-spend amount, income, expenses, recent transactions, scheduled transactions and more.

The account view provides a historical view of account balance, ability to transfer or deposit, take misc action on the account, and see an expanded view of transactions.

Check deposit is easy and intuitive.