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SPACED company

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3D Rendering

3D Modeling

2D Animation

Dann Petty, a well-known designer in the industry, launched a design challenge called: #SPACEDChallenge. SPACED is a space travel company providing the ultimate experience for outer space travel with feature destinations like the Moon, Mars, Earth, and Europa. One of their top features is their cheeky customer service and speed—they can get you anywhere safely in our universe within 1 day. The ask was to create a logo that sums up who SPACED is and a homepage that informs potential customers about safe travel experience to space.

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Entering the challenge late, with only two days left, didn't faze my determination to go above and beyond. With this project I decided to try something different. I created a live prototype of the design in Webflow. The above is a fully working live code prototype.

I created a 3D render of a SPACED space ship using Sketchup and an in Sketchup render pipeline as a fun experiment.

As part of this fictitious brand identity design I created a logo. I animated the logo using Cinema4D and After Effects so the animation is half 3D (icon) and half 2D (type).