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Midtown Phoenix





2D Animation

The challenge was to design a digital destination for these beautiful midcentury modern multifamily apartments with one-of-a-kind amenities in Phoenix, Arizona. It's a long-awaited one-stop residential destination. The social spirit of midcentury modern is a way of life at Midtown Phoenix. It's a place built for gathering and designed for exploration and expression.

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Wray ward has extremely talented designers that created this brand identity design.

The color palette echoes the sprit of the '60s, with midcentury being an invitation to be express whimsy and joy.

Unique patterns take brand elements even further to embody "A House of Optimism".

Brand elements were carefully continued into the site design. The content structure was based on the same overarching strategy and content outline applied to most NOVEL properties.

A logo animation brought some of the patterns to life which was able to be used as a page loading animation.

A full motion prototype of the site design was created.