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Midtown Tampa






2D Animation

The challenge was to design a digital experience for this long-awaited one-stop residential destination. Midtown Tampa connects residents with a new way to live, stay and play. Pulsing with fresh energy, here, style and sophistication are what define where they are headed next. Because NOVEL Midtown Tampa isn’t just a new destination. It’s their ultimate arrival.

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Unique branding was created from the ground up for this novel property. This is a mood board with concept creative.

For the visual design all of the branding elements were carefully continued and crafted into a unique digital experience.

All NOVEL sites have a consistent content outline with individual exceptions made for specific user and/or property goals.

A concept brochure with die-cut gold color accents inspired the continuation of the concept of a window into "The Ultimate Arrival". I crafted a unique digital interaction in the hero with a live code prototype.

An iconic pattern was carried into a page loading animation concepted in a live code prototype.

The code prototype was taken a bit further to illustrate parallax and other scroll animation.