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NASCAR Hall of Fame

NASCAR post-visit experience





The NASCAR Hall of Fame, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, honors drivers who have shown expert skill at NASCAR driving, all-time great crew chiefs and owners, broadcasters and other major contributors to competition. While at Union they approached us to help them continue to engage visitors post-visit. We designed a post-visit scrapbooking micro-site experience that would essentially live as a persistent digital scrapbook of a visit to the Hall.

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The Hall is a shrine to the history and heritage of NASCAR under one roof with ever-evolving exhibits and digital experiences for visitors to explore. Visitors who create profiles at on of the many registration kiosks tracks visitors throughout all digital experiences at the Hall.

Prior to visual design we started with sample API dumps of data from real visits. This informed content architecture, a content outline and wireframes.

An email would be sent post-visit with a link to a personalized scrapbook. At the beginning of the flow users are presented with their Hall profile. We wanted it to feel like a race car driver's profile.

Upon further exploration visitors re-live experiences at individual exhibits.

We had to ensure the experience was just as relevant and user friendly for mobile devices.